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Simchat Bat Naming Ceremony

Congratulations on your baby girl! 
To celebrate the birth of a daughter, a new tradition has evolved called a Simchat Bat.  This is where your baby girl is formally given her Hebrew name in a ritual ceremony.
A Simchat Bat Baby Naming may take place any time before her first birthday.
The Simchat Bat is attended by family and friends.  The ritual is comprised of Jewish blessings, prayers, and song to honor your baby girl.  Dr. Rumbak serves as the host of the Simchat Bat and leads the procession to make a beautiful ceremony.

Hosting the Simchat Bat

Dr. Rumbak conducts the ritual ceremony as follows:

The basket is placed on the Chair of Elijah to spiritually welcome Elijah the Prophet ("Eliyahu Ha'Navi") into the room.  Typically, this honor is given to grandparents.

Part 2:  Chair of Elijah

Your baby girl is carried into the room on a basket with rose petals.  Typically, this honor is given to a couple with no kids, with a blessing that they shall conceive.

Part 1:  Bringing Baby into the Room

Led by Dr. Rumbak, all the participants in the room recite together a collection of English blessings picked from the Song of Songs ("Shir Ha'Shirim").

Part 4:  Congregation Blessing

Dr. Rumbak reflects on the spiritual meaning of assigning a Hebrew name, and how the etymology of our Hebrew name is rooted in Israel and the Torah.

Part 3:  Spiritual Reflection

Dr. Rumbak chants the naming prayer in both English and Hebrew, announcing your baby's Hebrew name for the first time.  This is a very poignant moment.

Part 5:  Naming Prayer

Part 6:  Blessing over Wine

Wine is a symbol of Jewish milestone and beginning.  A prayer is recited for the wine ("Ha'Geffen") to mark the spiritual beginning of your baby's Hebrew name.

Part 7:  Father's Blessing

The father recites the Priestly blessing in English, which blesses your baby girl with harmony and peace in the spirit of the Four Matriarchs of Judaism.

Part 8:  Mother's Blessing

The mother recites the "Birkat Ha'Gomel" in English, which is a prayer of gratitude to G-d for a safe delivery and overcoming a potentially life-threatening passage.
Your baby is carried out of the room, as Dr. Rumbak leads everyone in singing "Siman Tov" (song of happiness) and "Oseh Shalom" (song of peace).

Part 12:  Song

The parents recite the blessing over the challah bread ("Ha'Motzi") to begin the festive meal.  Parents dip the challah into honey to mark the sweetness of the day.

Part 11:  Blessing over Bread

The baby's parents recite "Shechi'yanu", which is the Jewish blessing of thanking G-d for a new occasion.  Congregation responds Amen to the blessing.

Part 10:  Blessing of Gratitude

Parents share the reason behind the baby's Hebrew name, and who the baby is being named after.  Also a good opportunity for grandparents to speak.

Part 9:  Explanation of Name


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