Google reviews

Dr. Rumbak is the only mohel in America that is also a Pediatrician and Pediatric ICU Doctor.  Connecting with parents and delivering excellent service has enabled Dr. Rumbak to become the best reviewed NYC Mohel on Google.
Below are some of her 5-star Google Reviews:
"A PERFECT CUT!!  That is how I would describe Dania’s quality of work as a mohel.  Dr. Rumbak immediately makes you feel that your baby is very safe in her care.  Other parents at the Bris were even telling me they wish they had used Dr. Rumbak for their baby.  We were so happy with the excellent service. 
I highly recommend Dr. Rumbak to any parents looking for a mohel.  You will be very happy with your decision, and especially with the final results!  : )"
"What a brilliant service! 
Circumcision is a permanent surgery, and after reviewing different mohels, we are so lucky to have found Dr. Rumbak.  She is a perfectionist at performing the Bris!  And her warm personality was perfect for hosting the ceremony. 
Dr. Rumbak was also very patient, answering all of our questions and putting us at ease.  She provides excellent instructions for the after care, and even follows up the next day to make sure all is good with the baby.  Thank you!!"
"It was a blessing to find Dr. Rumbak and choose her as the mohel.  She is such a kind person, and her medical credentials were very impressive as a certified Pediatrician and Pediatric ICU critical care doctor.  It was immediately clear she was an excellent doctor based on how she thoroughly examined our baby before the Bris. 
After seeing the excellent job she did on our son and learning she has performed over 2,000 circumcisions, my husband and I knew we had chosen the best mohel in New York City!"
"Dr. Rumbak is a perfectionist!
Dr. Rumbak treats your baby as if it were her own child, and since she is also a pediatrician, I felt very comfortable to choose her as the mohel for our baby boy.  The circumcision was done with so much love, care, and professionalism.
My husband and I were impressed by her expert skill and precision in doing the Bris.  Everyone in the room loved her.  Both of our hearts are filled with gratitude that we found Dr. Rumbak.  Thank you for a “perfect” job!"
"EXCELLENT MOHEL!  Doctor Rumbak went above-and-beyond to make the Bris a beautiful ceremony.  She is so good at bringing the community together and making everyone feel included. 
I loved how Doctor Rumbak had prepared a Bris program to pass out, with all the blessings printed in both Hebrew and English.  This made it so easy for everyone in the room to follow along, and it added such a beautiful touch to the ceremony. 
When it was time for the cut, the baby did not even cry!  The circumcision healed very quickly and the results were perfect."
"We are not Jewish, but we decided to still seek out a mohel due to their expertise in performing a circumcision.  I was researching different mohels, and by far, the best reviewed mohel was Dr. Dania Rumbak.  From my initial phone call, she was so kind and caring.  Such a lovely person to speak with!
She explained very nicely what medical equipment she uses, how she performs the circumcision, and the aftercare.  Dr. Rumbak was meticulous.  The baby did not cry once!  She is a master of her craft and it shows.  The quality of her work was superb!

If we have another boy, we will definitely use Dr. Rumbak again.  Even if we have to fly her out across the country...she is that good."
"Dr. Dania Rumbak is amazing!  As a Pediatrician and mohel, Dr. Rumbak brings the best of both worlds in performing the Bris.
Before the baby was brought out, I observed Doctor Rumbak performing a full medical exam on the baby to make sure all was healthy for the circumcision.  This is where her experience as a Pediatrician really showed.  She then organized all the family members and began hosting the Bris.
Dr. Rumbak was flawless in performing the circumcision.  Both parents were so happy!"
"BEST Mohel in town!
My husband and I knew we wanted to have our son circumcised, but finding a mohel we could trust was really hard.  I had heard horror stories of babies needing a second circumcision because they chose a poor mohel.  As a new mom, I wanted a mohel that was also a doctor so I could feel my baby was safe.
When we found Dr. Rumbak, I knew right away my baby would be safe.  She was such a sweet person, and so compassionate and caring.  She answered all my questions and hosted a beautiful Bris ceremony.  Our baby’s regular pediatrician even remarked that it was the “best cut” he had seen!"
"I absolutely recommend Dr. Rumbak!  She was so genuine and kind, and she takes the time to answer every question until you feel at ease.  She is also proactive when it comes to cleanliness for performing the circumcision, so the baby’s health comes first.
Before the Bris, all of her medical equipment is unwrapped before the parents to show it is brand-new and fully clean.  After the circumcision, Dr. Rumbak proactively checks in to make sure the baby is healing well.
Her ability to deliver excellent results and excellent service is what sets Dr. Rumbak apart from the other mohels."
"Outstanding service!  Dr. Dania Rumbak makes the case for BEST mohel in NYC.  She is very skilled at her craft, and it shows from her experience having circumcised over 2,000 babies.
As a dad, it's a huge comfort to know that the mohel is also a doctor, and Dr. Rumbak brings the experience of a Pediatrician at Columbia University Children's Hospital.  I was very pleased to see how precise Dr. Rumbak was in performing the circumcision.
She really cares about the baby, and her professionalism and quality-of-work was excellent.  She is also a great speaker, and makes the whole family feel included.  I highly recommend!"
"Wow, what a wonderful mohel!  As soon as I met Dr. Rumbak, I felt so comfortable.  Her priority was the baby’s health, and since she is also a doctor, I really appreciated her medical exam of my baby before the Bris.
Dr. Rumbak’s energy and enthusiasm made the Bris enjoyable for everyone.  She gave a nice short speech to start the ceremony, and when it came time for the actual cut, she was amazing.  The baby never once cried!
Within a few days, he was fully healed.  No blood, no scarring, no discomfort.  Even our pediatrician said it was a beautiful job!"
"I highly recommend Dr. Rumbak if you are looking for a clean, safe, and meticulous pediatrician mohel.  She cares about your baby as if this was her own child.
Dr. Rumbak is very patient, and takes the time to answer all of your questions.  She proactively checks in after the Bris to make sure the baby is ok and healing well.  We feel like we can trust Dania as if we have known her forever! 
She is kind, courteous, and so extremely considerate.  She is one excellent mohel!"