"Dr. Rumbak is a perfectionist!"
-- Carolina

#1 New York Mohel in 5-Star Reviews

Mohel Doctor for Bris

Baby Circumcision

Welcome to One Mohel.

Dr. Dania Rumbak is a Certified Mohel Doctor, with the most 5-Star Reviews for New York Mohel.  Serving New York City and New Jersey, Dr. Rumbak is the ONLY mohel nationwide that is also a Pediatrician and Pediatric ICU Doctor.

The way Dr. Rumbak performs circumcision is exactly like in the hospital, where Dr. Rumbak specially trained to master her craft and become a Mohel Doctor.  With over 2,000 circumcisions performed, your baby is in the best care!

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Certified Mohel

Dr. Dania Rumbak

Mohel + Pediatrician + ICU Doctor 

Mohel Credentials

  • Certified Mohel

  • New York Mohel, New Jersey Mohel

  • Over 2,000 circumcisions performed


Doctor Credentials

  • Board Certified as Pediatrician

  • Board Certified as Pediatric ICU Doctor



  • NYU Children's Hospital

  • Columbia University Children's Hospital


With this rare combination of skills and excellent reviews, Dr. Rumbak is regarded as the BEST NYC Mohel for Bris.  Plus, Dr. Rumbak holds the most 5-star Google Reviews of all mohels in NY and NJ.

Dr. Rumbak makes each circumcision ceremony (the Bris) very personalized and inclusive with blessings recited by the parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and all present.

American Board of Pediatrics, Dr. Dania Rumbak, Board Certified Pediatrician, Certified

Parents have been thrilled with the results, and Dania will make sure your ceremony is a very beautiful experience!


My Circumcision Style

Advantage of Dr. Rumbak

Medical Exam

100% Clean


I perform a full medical exam on your baby before the Bris.  This is why my experience as a Pediatrician is very valuable as your mohel.
My medical equipment is brand-new for each circumcision.  This keeps your baby safe from infection, as I take no shortcuts on cleanliness.
I am very meticulous and precise in how I perform the circumcision cut.  This is so your baby gets a very safe, excellent cut for his Bris. 

5-Star Reviews

Pamela De Cruz

New Jersey Circumcision

We are not Jewish, but we decided to still seek out a mohel.  By far, the best reviewed mohel was Dr. Rumbak.  The quality of her work was superb!

Carolina Glas

New York Bris

Dr. Rumbak is a perfectionist!  The circumcision was done with so much care.  Everyone in the room loved her.  Thank you for a "perfect" job!


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